In this article today we will talk about the importance of schema markup in SEO. Today we will try to understand all the aspects of schema markup, & I will try to answer all types of questions related to it. In which the most important questions will be what is schema markup?, what is its importance in SEO, different types of schema markup, etc. "Technical SEO is a data structure that helps the search engine to know very easily about the website".

What Is Schema Markup?

"Schema markup is used to give some extra information to the search engines". Schema is microdata with the help of which the search engine can easily explain about the website. So it is very important to add schema to the website. If we try to understand it more closely, then the website has two forms, first visual form, and second HTML form.

Is Schema Markup Important?

A few years ago, the world's famous website Search Engine Journal ran a small test on schema markup for one of its customers. Due to this, they saw an increase in CTR (click-through-rate) of more than 40%. Provide more value to searchers and are a great way to get your listing's attention on Google.

Benefits Of Schema Markup

Well, there are many benefits to using schema markup on your website. Some of the important benefits are as follows - This can greatly increase the CTR (click-through-rate) of your website. - It is very easy to set up, which can be done by everyone. - By using this, your website starts looking very different and attractive from other websites. - Due to this, the importance of your website increases in the eyes of Google and traffic starts coming to your website.

Schema Markup Generator

Schema markup can be created very easily with the help of the schema markup generator tool. Here I am going to tell you schema markup generator tools, with the help of which you can create very easily. - Schema Markup Generator By Merkle - JSON Generator By Hall Analysis - MicroData Schema Generator - Google Structured Data Markup Helper And Highlighter


Today we learned in this article the importance of schema markup in SEO. As you have read this article till now, what is schema markup and what are its types. Apart from this, I have also told you in this article how the schema markup is added to the website. But if you do not know whether there is a schema add on any website or not. So you can use a structured data testing tool. For this, you need the structured data testing tool on the search engine and enter the URL of your website.