Today we will discuss the importance of internal links in SEO in this article. SEO has become such a word in today's time that everyone who belongs to the online world knows very well. For those concerned with digital marketing, it is very important to understand and know about it. SEO has many such terminology and features, which is very important for any blogger or content creator to know.

What Is Internal Links?

For the growth of any website, it is very important to have a sufficient and right amount of internal links on it. It is very important to have a balance between these two, neither should it be more nor it should be less. There are many bloggers who create many internal links in the related posts section to link their articles. But this method is not quite right.

Uses & Importance Of Internal Links In SEO Website

Internal links are most useful for three reasons. - To create the structure of your website. - Your website allows the user to navigate. - It also helps in creating a hierarchy of all the information on the website. In this structure, the internal link is created between the main page and other pages. This is good because it allows link ranking power to travel across the entire website. Thus the ranking potential increases for each page.

Benefits Of Internal Links

Although there are many benefits of internal links. Out here I am going to tell you about those benefits which directly affect the SEO of your website. - The search engine ranks the pages of any blog according to its links. Any blogger can also create backlinks through these, due to which the page rank of your website becomes good. - By creating internal links, all the articles on your website are deeply linked to each other, so that their indexing is done in a better way.

How To Do Internal Links

While doing internal links, many bloggers make such mistakes, due to which they do not benefit from it. Below are some tips that you can follow for how to do internal links in a better way. - You should always link the relevant post internally, this increases the chances of the user to read the internally linked article. - If your blog is on a single niche or micro-niche then it is very easy to do internal linking in it. - internal links I always link to web pages related to anchor text. - Like you are doing internal linking on on-page SEO. Then you have to link your internal to the same article in which on-page SEO has been told.


Today in this article we have understood the importance of Internal links in SEO. You are a blogger or content creator, you should know about the internal links and how it can impact your website. If we use it smartly on our website, then it is considered as a big factor of ranking for us. Because of this, any search engine sees our website completely organized. Do you also have a website but you do not create internal links on it? Where did you know about internal links on google or on youtube?