Today in this article we will talk about what is latent semantic indexing keywords and do they really matter in Google's ranking factor? Is it true, but if we use the LSI word in our content, then our content gets optimized a bit. But we can not guess at the beginning without thinking anything that there is a ranking factor for Google.

LSI keyword full form

Its full name is "Latent semantic indexing". It is a computer program that was created to understand the synonyms and variety of words in the content.

What is latent semantic indexing?

Latent semantic indexing means that there are many words of the same meaning or similar words that mean the same thing. For example, If our focus keyword is "digital marketing" then instead of that we can use "online marketing" and "internet marketing".

What are latent semantic indexing keywords?

These are the words that we can easily use in our content. Due to this, our content gets well optimized and we are also saved from keyword stuffing in the eyes of Google. Such keywords are the words that are being asked or typed by our users so many times in the search engine.

How to use LSI keywords?

There is a very simple way to use LSI keywords. First of all, you have to add the LSI keyword in your focus keyword. With its help, your old content is also renewed and there are many chances of increasing the ranking in it.

LSI keywords generator

There are many LSI keywords free tools which are easily available online that we can use. But the one I have used is - LSI Graph -Keysearch. co -Google autocomplete -Google keyword planner -Long Tail Pro -Keyword eye


Today we have learned in this entire article, what is Latent semantic indexing keywords? It is true that you should avoid keyword stuffing in your content and instead use LSI's keywords and synonyms of your focus keyword.