Unlocking the Power of News Topic Authority: A Guide to Boost Your SEO

By Sunny Grewal

Google introduced a new system called "topic authority" to raise the ranking of news articles in search results.

Topic authority is a measure of a news source's knowledge and reliability in a specific subject area.

Variables considered in topic authority include the source's track record of producing truthful and original reporting, citations from other sources, and reader interaction.

Topic authority increases the likelihood of receiving high-quality news stories in search results.

It is particularly helpful for finding news on regional and local issues.

To use news topic authority, utilize Google Search to find news relevant to your interests.

Read news articles with a critical eye, check sources, and confirm information before sharing.

Read from a variety of sources to gain a better understanding of the news.

Be skeptical and don't believe everything you read without question.

Reliable news sources with strong topic authority include The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press, and BBC News.