Today we will deeply learn the h1 tag for SEO (search engine optimization) in this article. There are so many headings for any page or post on our website. In which there are some important headings are H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6.

What is H1 tag seo

When we visit any page, the first tag we get is in the form of a heading, we call it a header or h1 tag. When we see it in the HTML code, its value looks something like this. <h1></h1> tags.

Do H1 tags matter for SEO?

If we look from the point of view of search engine optimization then it is not such a powerful element but the h1 tag is considered very important to make search engine optimization successful.

Does Google care about H1?

Google's John Mueller says that any publisher can use "n" number of h1 tags while publishing their content. They say that it will not affect your site, whether you use one h1 tag or five h1 tags.

How to use H1 tags for SEO?

-Your content heading should always be in the order h1, h2, h3, h4 h5... etc. -You should also avoid keyword stuffing. -You should also avoid punctuation in your content. -Avoid using HTML code. -Not add links in your headings. -Not use headings on your entire page. -Always write relevant or focus keywords in your heading.

SEO H1 tags best practices

-Always keep the h1 tag and page title the same. -While creating the heading, you have to always use your focus keyword in it. -Your heading should not be more than 65 words than the heading, which means that you do not have to make your heading too long. -You always have to keep this thing in mind, is your h1 tag always visible to your user. -While creating the H1 tag, you should make it slightly different from the other headings or subheadings.

Are multiple H1 Tags bad for SEO?

If you create multiple h1 tags, then you should take care that you have to create all those tags correctly.

H1 tag length SEO

Google has approved your title tag of 55 to 60 characters according to its algorithm. You can design your title accordingly.

H1 tag generator

1. Seoquake 2. Smallseotools 3. Seoptimer 4. 5. 6. 7.


Today we got information about H1 tags for SEO in the complete article. We have found the answers to many of its questions which can prove to be helpful for us. Do you also create h1 tags on your website incorrectly? Do you also make the h1 tag too big when you create it? Isn't easy to read and doesn't have focus keywords? Earlier we were making this mistake, then after reading this article, it is understood that if we want to rank on Google then we should make h1 tag correctly.