Today we will know in this article that Language: is it a google’s ranking factors? Have you ever checked that multiple languages affect your organic search ranking? That's why today we will talk about this subject very deeply and try to find answers to all our questions.

What is Google ranking?

When we talk about the Google ranking. What are the important points on Google, with the help of which our website is pushed high on the search engine result page? It simply means that the position of any website on this search engine result page. There are many ranking factors that make a big difference to the search engine ranking of our website.

What are Google's ranking factors?

-Backlinks on your website should always be quality. -It is very important to have both internal and external links on your website. -You should always use the focus keyword in heading, subheading, introduction, conclusion, description, alt tag, etc. -You should always keep an eye on your click on the result means CTR.

Language: is it a google’s ranking factors?

There are many languages spoken in the world, each country has its own language. But most of the countries in the world use English. If you are a content creator, then you should keep in mind that for whom you are writing your content.

The evidence for a language as a ranking factor

In the advanced SEO section of Google Search Central. Google has explained in depth how we can easily manage multi-regional and multilingual websites. In Google search, Central very deeply explains how Google is working on a different language. The most important thing is that Google came to know that many languages are working on this HTML tag, URL structure, and meta tag which we have already discussed.

How to use canonical tags

Google says that the canonical tag should be used here. If you are using the same and duplicate content separately for a multi-regional site in the same language then you must use canonical type for this. The formula for applying the Canonical tag is very simple in which you rel="canonical"

Language as a ranking factor: our verdict

Google has explained many times how its algorithm works for any particular language. You have also learned very well that in the optimization documentation in Google Search general. It has explained very well what it is and how to use it. But despite all this, Google has not yet officially declared that language is a ranking factor.


Today we have learned in this article how important Language: is it a google’s ranking factors? But Google has never announced it officially. But we understand that when we move our website to any particular country or people then we should implement that if we want to rank our website.