Today in this entire Webstory we are understanding Google's new update called Google's MUM.

The simple meaning of the arrival of MUM is that it should be easier to search for the result.

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In fact, the best way to strengthen the content according to the MUM is to keep your content of high quality and keep publishing continuously.

Let us look at some points which will be after the arrival of MUM and how they are before the arrival of MUM. 1. The end of potential keywords 2. Less relay on content written 3. Huge competition in search 4. Upgrade voice search

First of all, you can tell smart search engines like Google about the insides of your content by applying Structures data to your pages. From there, any search engine like Google knows what your page is actually about and why they should rank your page. Along with this, you should pay a lot of attention to your content, it should optimize properly as well as be easy while reading.

But the biggest truth of this is that this update of Google has been made by understanding the point of view of the users.

MUM is more multitasking and has many multitasking capabilities as compared to Bert. Google says that MUM Update is 1000 times more powerful than Google BERT Update.

MUM is capable of working in more than 70 languages at the same time.


We got to know in this complete detail what Google's MUM Update is. We know how it works and how it is going to be very helpful in the future.