Today in this article we will see that the biggest SEO mistakes to avoid in 2022 Any newbie takes a lot of such mistakes in his initial days, due to which he has to bear the brunt later. I have also done this mistake and I want that my friends my brothers, all of you should not do this mistake, due to which your website can also be destroyed. It is absolutely true that I have seen this many times that there are many people who make the most common worst SEO mistakes.

13 Biggest SEO Mistakes To Avoid

1. Focus On Website Designing Only 2. Unknowingly Do Keyword Stuffing 3. Always Write Short Content 4. Choose And Use  Wrong Keyword 5. Never Focus On Title Tag or Meta Description 6. Using Same Or Duplicate Content 7. Create Bad Links Building 8. Never Think About Mobile Friendliness 9. Not Focus On-Site Speed 10. Missing and Don’t Use Alt Text 11. Not To Worry About Bad Categorization 12. Unknowingly Happen Bad URL Structure 13. Never Focus On Compress Images

Using Same Or Duplicate Content

New bloggers make this mistake very often that they copy and paste duplicate content from anywhere and put it on their website. Google or any search engine does not like this mistake at all. Because if the crawler of any search engine will see your content copy, then your post will not have any value. That is why we should avoid creating duplicate content from the very early days. We should take special care of this thing that try to make your content different as much as possible.

Never Think About Mobile Friendliness

From the majority audience in the world who browse frequently from mobile phones. More than 60% of the world's population uses their mobile for any online search. We can also do blogging on the phone, but most bloggers do it from a computer or laptop. Because of this, we feel that all the users browse from laptops or computers only. We forget that in today's time there are more mobile users.

Not Focus On-Site Speed

It must have happened such a time with you that you must have gone to some website and that website is taking too much time to open. If this happens what do we do? We immediately leave that website and go to another website. Which takes the least time to open from that website. Just like when we do not optimize our website properly and do not pay attention to its speed.


Today we saw the biggest SEO mistakes to avoid in this article. Whether we are new or old bloggers, we should avoid making such search engine optimization mistakes. I believe that not only do new bloggers make mistakes, old bloggers also make mistakes. That is why we should avoid many such mistakes, due to which there is a direct effect on the ranking of our website.