In this article, we will learn & understand which are the best free SEO friendly WordPress themes. WordPress is considered the best platform for any new content creator. But themes are considered very important for any website. Because of this thousands of free blogs are available in WordPress. But in so many blog themes, newbies often get confused as to which theme would be best for their website.

What is WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme is a tool that changes your website layout and design. This means the WordPress theme customizes the visual appearance of your blog or website. And at the same time themes provide a user-friendly framework for your website. You can use typography, color, and other design elements according to your choice through WordPress themes.

7 Best Free SEO friendly WordPress Themes

1. Neve theme 2. Astra theme SEO 3. Ocean Wp theme 4. Zakra theme 5. Calitheme 6. Interior lite theme 7. Business theme

Does Wordpress theme affect SEO?

It is absolutely true that when you change your WordPress theme, it affects your SEO. Because of these, your website design, site speed, content formatting and structured data are affected.

What is SEO friendly theme?

You can customize the SEO-friendly WordPress theme in any way you like. The biggest feature of a responsive theme is that it fits easily in any screen size. Due to this, it becomes very easy to rank in any search engine.


Today we learned in this article which is the best free SEO friendly WordPress themes. Your content is related to any topic, this theme will fully support your website. You should always keep in mind that your content is like a king for your blog. And themes act as prime ministers for your blog.