What is a keyword stemming in SEO and how does it work? 2022

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In this article, we will learn keyword stemming in SEO.

Keyword stemming in seo

Have you ever heard about it?

What is stemming in a search engine?

What is Keyword Stemming? When should you use Keyword Stemming?

What is the main purpose of using keywords in SEO? What is keyword stemming?

Do you know how beneficial your website is?

Can it help boost organic traffic to your website?

We will try to know the answers to many such questions.

So let’s start 

What is keyword stemming in SEO?

“Keyword streaming refers to the ability of Google or any other search engine to understand the different forms of any keyword or sentence”.

Google first analyzes the root word, which we also call the focus keyword.

After that, he also sees other formats of the same focus keyword.

As you must have seen that when you enter your focus keyword in a Google search.

Then many related keyword formations come from it.

Which we also call LSI keywords in pure language.

Google analyzes these variations and methods which generate the same type of information.

This is called keyboard stemming, which is better from the search engine optimization perspective.

For example, if you have used the word focus in your blog post.

Google treats your focus keyword as the root keyword and considers all the variations related to it as part of the same keyword.

This is what we call keywords stemming in simple language.

Which is very beneficial from the point of view of search engine optimization.

Keyword research is keyword stemming

Now let’s talk about how to do keyword research for keyword stemming?

There are many online tools available to do this, with the help of which you can easily search keywords.

In which the most popular keyword research tools are:

Note: Apart from this, you can also take the help of LSI keywords and related search keywords on the first page of Google.

Where keyword stemming is not used?

When you are using it positively, it may cause your ranking to be high.

But you always have to keep in mind that if you use it wrongly, it will make your content of low quality.

Because of this Google and your readers will not like your content at all.

Whenever you should do it when you are sure that whatever keyword you are using should match with the focus keyword.

That’s why over-optimizing any keyword is not good for your blog at all, it’s considered a type of keyword stuffing.

How to do keyword stemming with the help of a Yoast plugin

Once you have found several variations of the focus keyword, you can start writing your article.

If you want to write SEO-friendly posts and also want to optimize keyword stemming properly then you should install the Yoast SEO plugin in your WordPress.

With the help of this, you can easily write your post by optimizing your keyword in the right way.

If any blogger sets up his website on WordPress, then it is necessary to have this kind of plugin.

In a recent update, it has been announced here that now the synonyms of any Keyword will be counted in the keywords.

The synonym of any word is in a way the keyword itself.

With its help, you can make your content more readable and optimize it for search engines.

Keyword stemming examples

There are some examples to explain this :

Example 1:

Like you took your focus keyword “SEO”, but apart from this, all the keywords related to this will be counted in your keywords such as Search Engine Optimization, What is SEO, etc.

Example 2:

The second example is that if your keyword is “search” for it, then its variations will become many such as searches, searched, searching, searchable, etc.

Example 3:

The third example is “Longest River in Africa” and “Africa’s Longest River”, under this, both of them are considered to be the same keyword.

It is really Google’s ranking factors

So far it has been found that using keyword stemming, then it is beneficial from the perspective of SERP ranking.

But could it really be a ranking factor?

Whenever there is talk that the keyword stemming is a ranking factor.

It is always understood in the way that any search engine understands the variations of your focus keyword.

If we talk about Google, then the user searches any query in it such as “category” but includes other words like categories, categorized, in the same result.

When we look at the keywords and from the point of view of SEO.

There are many prefixes and suffixes of a keyword for it.

Which he considers as a keyword.

So far it has been found that keyword stemming is very beneficial for search ranking.

That is why today we will investigate this thing and find out whether it is really beneficial or not.


Such a claim has been made many times and it has been said that whether keyword stemming, do they help us in page ranking?

The simplest meaning of stemming is that there are different words.

Whatever our focus keyword is, without changing it, we change the beginning and end of that keyword.

We have just learned from the example above how many suffixes of the category have been formed.

Apart from this, I have given many such examples above, with the help of which you can identify the variations other than you.

As we take the category example and assume that we have considered it as our focus keyword.

Its variations also help a lot in getting your page ranked due to keyword stemming.

But is keyword streaming the best way to optimize your page for other keyword variations?

The clue:

If seen properly, in 2003 itself Google had clearly said that it is an update of the Google algorithm.

There have been many conflicting reports for stemming technology in 2003.

That’s why Google added the term stemming to its algorithm and introduced it to everyone as one of its updates.

A long time ago the entire community of SEO only depended on webmasterworls.com.

This is the only Google confirmation that on December 4, 2003, the word stemming was added to its post.

Keyword stemming in seo

It was a great idea in 2003, but it has become very confusing today because there are so many variations of it in any Keyword.

We have seen this on the SERP many times and keep seeing it.

Our decision:

Keyword stemming in seo

In today’s time, Google has become a very smart search engine, it wants its user to be able to give the right information to the users.

For this, he keeps updating himself from time to time.

But when we talk about Google, it just uses stemming to show its best results.

That is why it would be wrong to say that keyword timing is a ranking factor.

Because of this, there are many keyword rankings on Google.

It is absolutely true that no website can rank on one particular keyword.

For that many keywords help in increasing his ranking,

That is why any content writer should not pay much attention to it while writing his content.

You should always use many variations while writing your content in which all variations of that word are included in it.

If you do this intentionally, then it will be considered unnatural.

That is why you should write your content naturally and use only keywords whose answer is available in your content.

It has been seen many times that the user goes to a website for any of his queries and if he does not get his answer.

Then he leaves him and goes to some other website.

This is a wrong signal in the eyes of Google, which can bring down your ranking.

That is why whenever you are using your variations of keywords.

Always keep in mind that your content must have its answer.

That is why the owner of any website should not pay attention to this thing and should show his content only naturally.

Don’t think too much about Google’s old algorithms.


In today’s article, we have understood keyword stemming in SEO.

It is really Google’s ranking factor.

In the recent few years, Google has now considered it is not important to rank your site in SERP.

Earlier it used to be that keywords were used to join their articles by keyword stuffing.  

Due to this, the quality of the content was not known.

But now Google is bringing new updates one after the other so that it considers the satisfaction of the users as the best parameter.

If you do the wrong keyword stemming then the browsing experience of the users will be bad.

In this way, Google will also spoil your ranking.

Therefore, the best way to use it is to use it in the right way in your article.

If you have understood and are satisfied with this article.

Then you can comment below and also read my other articles.

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What does Keyword stemming mean?

“Keyword streaming refers to the ability of Google or any other search engine to understand the different forms of any keyword or sentence”.

What is Keyword stemming and why does it matter?

“Keyword streaming refers to the ability of Google or any other search engine to understand the different forms of any keyword or sentence”.
Google first analyzes the root word, which we also call the focus keyword.
After that, he also sees other formats of the same focus keyword.

Does Google use word stemming?

Google treats your focus keyword as the root keyword and considers all the variations related to it as part of the same keyword.

What is keyword cannibalization in SEO?

When we use the same keyword on different pages or posts on our website, we call it keyword cannibalization.
By doing this, any search engine gets confused about which of your pages to show first, when this happens, the search engine doesn’t show both of your pages or posts.  This is the biggest disadvantage for our website.

What is the keyword density in SEO?

When we use our focused keywords in our entire content, that is what we call keyword density. If we want to know how much our keyword density is, then we have to get our keywords twice in our 100 words, our keyword density is 2%.

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