Google Product Review Pros & Cons To Support Search Snippets

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In this article, we are going to discuss Google Product Review Pros & Cons

Google updates search results for product review pages by including a snippet of an item’s pros and cons. 

Google Product Review Pros & Cons
Source by: Google

You don’t need to worry about qualifying for a new snippet if you don’t want to – structured data is also available if you need it. 

While the benefits of using structured data are strongly recommended Google says it will try to automatically pull the information into the snippet for you. 

Here are the changes to product review pages that you should be aware of in order to add structured data.

New Search Snippets For Product Review Pages

Google is displaying more detailed snippets with new lines of text that list the pros and cons of product review pages

Google shared an article saying:

Google Product Review Pros & Cons
Source by: Google


Google Product Review Pros & Cons
Source by: Google

As long as the information appears on the page, Google may automatically create new search snippets. 

You can help Google understand your product reviews by marking them with structured data on pros and cons.

Google Product Review Pros & Cons

With an update to the Google product reviews search snippet, Google is introducing a new way to describe data. 

It is always a good idea to use Google-backed structured data, even if it is not a requirement. Include a positive note and/or a positive note in your nested product review to let Google know about the advantages and disadvantages of editorial product reviews. 

Add a negative note property if necessary.

The following examples of both markup types are provided:

Google Product Review Pros & Cons
Source by: Google
Google Product Review Pros & Cons
Source by: Google

To learn more about implementing this markup, see Google’s official documentation

If you add up the advantages and disadvantages of structured data, you need to follow these guidelines:

Currently, only editorial product review pages are eligible for a P&L search, not commercial product pages or customer product reviews. 

There must be two statements about the product, one about the features and the other about the benefits. 

It can include any combination of positive and negative statements. The markup is valid. 

On the page, users should be able to see how much profit or loss they are making.


Today, in this complete article, we understood that Google Product Review Pros & Cons.

I needed to tell you this because even today there are many people who make mistakes and bring down their ranking.

But here it is only for those websites which review the product on their website.

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Who does the Google product review update impact?

Google is updating its Product Review Updates algorithm from time to time, which affects affiliate websites and blogs because their content is largely focused on product reviews. 
The changes will affect eCommerce business owners, as most people rely on product reviews to make online shopping decisions.

How to improve product reviews to match the Google product review update?

If you want to improve your product reviews to be compatible with Google Product Review Updates, make sure the reviews are detailed, tested, and up to date. 
View photos and videos to show evidence, provide links to various retailers, and write reviews taking into account user concerns.

Do product reviews help SEO?

Reviews are important for your SEO as they help improve your social media presence and authority. Google takes your site’s ranking into account, and needless to say favors high-rated websites.

What is Google product reviews update?

With the third release of the Product Review Update, Google announced that this update was the first to enhance Google’s ability to identify high-quality product reviews. This makes the job of the last two product review updates a lot easier. This will make it easier for us to get good buying advice from users.

How do I review a product on Google?

If you consent to Google contacting you, you will receive an email asking you to write a review within a few days of the estimated delivery date of your order. It will be completed. You can also search for the product on Google. You can rate and review your experiences on the “Review” page.

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