5 Tips For Getting the Most Of Your Enterprise SEO freelancer 2022

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Today we learned to read this article: What is an Enterprise SEO freelancer?

Should we outsource our enterprise SEO to freelancers?

Enterprise SEO freelancer

With the help of these tips, you will be able to get the best work done.

And you will also be able to build relationships with them.

It doesn’t matter where you’re outsourcing your work.

Or you have taken too much experience in this thing.

If you are in the right process and line up your work in the right way.

Then your chances of getting the best results from your support team are very high.

When we talk about any enterprise level, the most important thing in this is that you have to focus a lot on communication and accountability for any SEO project.

When you work on many pages at once.

Then there are chances of making a lot of mistakes in it.

But it is your job to find every mistake and remove or solve it from there.

Then what you should do to build a successful enterprise SEO team of freelancers.

Let us talk about some tips here.

Let’s start.

Enterprise SEO strategy

Enterprise SEO means that we want to scale our SEO in a strategic way.

Enterprise SEO is considered the right way to increase your company’s business goal and the broader market as well as brand reputation.

Because of this, your marketing becomes more accurate.

This method is absolutely free, with the help of which you can make your brand more globalized.

And for this, “SEO freelancer near me” is the right keyword if you search locally.

Freelance SEO specialist’s salary

When we talk about the salary of a freelance SEO specialist, it is something like this.

  • -If someone is a fresher then he gets years at Rs1.8 – 2.8lakh/year.
  • -If there is a professional who has more than 5 years of experience, then he gets years at Rs3.5 – 6.6lakh/year.

SEO freelancer salary in India

But when we talk about especially SEO Freelancer India, how much SEO freelancer salary get here, then it is something like this.

  • -The average salary for every 1 hour is ₹ 250, which is around 4,50,000/year.
  • -The person with more experience gets more money than 10lakh/year.
  • -When we talk about any beginner or a newbie, then get around 2,50,500-3,00,000lakh/year.

How to start SEO work from home

  • – Always keep updating your portfolio.
  • – You should make new connections to your existing network as well.
  • – You should pay more attention to the basics of SEO.
  • – Must build your own SEO toolkit.
  • – You should always build your strategy with the right equipment.
  • – Always keep your pricing right.
  • – You should work on different freelancing platforms.
  • – You should not be afraid to lead.
  • – You should keep managing your time.
  • – You must have a personal website.
  • – Your work atmosphere should be kept conductive.
  • – Whatever the SEO skills are, learn them.
  • – Always focus on learning new things.

5 Tips To Find Out Great Enterprise SEO Freelancer

Enterprise SEO freelancer

There is a lot of ways to find out SEO freelancers for enterprising business but here are 5 best tips and two bonus tips that are very helpful to you:

1. Give Them Detailed Briefings:

It does not matter how big and how old your website is.

You should always focus on your business and its goals.

You should have the correct information about it.

You should know more about your business than you want to appoint a freelancer for your work.

I am mentioning all these things with you because when you want to hire a freelancer and get it to work.

There is a lot of freelancers website such as freelancer.com, upwork.com, fiverr.com.

Then you can explain to him about your project & business in the right way.

And it is to be able to tell him in the right way what you want to get by them.

Because they work only in one direction and effectively.

Any site can have any number of pages 100,200,500 or maybe 1000.

But if you tell your freelancer in the right way about the structure of the site.

Then it becomes much easier for him to do it.

You have to remember from day one that you have to give brief information about the project to him from day one.

Apart from this, he also has to give you so much power that if it does not work.

Then he can come to you and file a review, follow up, or clear his doubts.

If you do not do this, then you will have to get more work done through freelancers and the chances of being successful will be very less.

When you inform him about his work,  then you have to give information about what kind of work it is.

And in how much time do you have to complete this work as a freelancer.

Apart from this, you have to explain both the outline and the deadline of your project in the right way.

You also have to pay attention to the process of meetings and check-ins from time to time.

2. Clearly Defined Deliverables:

If your goal is such that I want to increase my website traffic by 5% in the next 3 months.

For this, you have to tell your freelancer very precisely how much time I have to increase the amount of traffic on my website.

Due to this, he can do his work in that direction in the right way.

Don’t know about all these things, why not inside your mind to start all these things.

It is very important that you have to keep in mind that whatever you do, it definitely has an outcome.

You can ask your freelancer whether you will be able to complete this task or not?

It is true that you have hire SEO expert freelancer only because you want to grow your business more quickly.

But the role of that freelancer is that he completes all the necessary work on time.

You should always work closely with your freelancer, no matter how difficult that task may be.

This is a great way to achieve success and build relationships with your freelancers when you have absolutely clear definable deliverables.

3. Upfront Outlined Success Metrics:

Before you launch any new digital marketing project, it is very important to measure all the plans to be successful.

The Key Performance Indicator called ‘KPI’ is different for different businesses.

Apart from this, KPI also depends on projects to project for enterprise-level companies.

When you consider your work to be a freelancer.

Before that you should map your work properly and think about how many days can this work be done and how much do I need this work.

The common factors in SEO are how much traffic and SEO ranking your website has.

You want to get the freelancer you want to hire to work on both these things and get your website to grow.

But your success matrix is ​​not always going to work because of these two factors.

In this, you have to work on the overall strategy.

You have to work in one direction in the right way by looking at the real problem.

Only then you can have more chances of getting success.

When your own team is doing too many things at once.

If their attention is not on anyone’s task, then the chances of making a mistake become very high.

That is why you do not have to do, you do not have to give all the work to everyone.

You have to give only that work to the person who is an best SEO expert or has the ability to learn that work.

If we see, traffic and rankings do not impact that much in the short term.

But when we look at our business over the long term, these two factors can make a huge impact.

4. Provide Them With The Necessary Access:

When you hire a freelancer, you should arrange an onboarding process for him/her.

If he/she is a new member of your internal team.

This means that you will have to give them access to all the documents which are necessary for him.

Due to this, he can do his work at the right time and in the right way.

All your documents can be in a folder on the computer which is very difficult to find.

Then you should explain to your freelancer properly where he will get those documents.

If you work on a project management system, then you should schedule your work in the right way.

So that any member of your internal team can easily do it anywhere.

All of this is also applicable to your website.

When you do not have your website shop for a freelancer.

Then you have to tell him about the document tools with your website which he can use properly.

There are many plugins that only you have access to.

So you have to keep in mind that if it is freelance work, then you have to give it access too.

There are many big companies who make this mistake. 

They give a chance to freelancer to use all their tools, apps, and internal communication channels.

You give as much access to your freelancer as is necessary for his work.

You don’t need to give him unnecessary access.

5. Establish Ownership And Check-In Procedures:

When you work for an enterprise business, you are faced with a lot of daily tasks that you have to complete.

That is why you have appointed a freelancer to avoid this headache.

But when the freelancer is responsive to your work.

Then only you understand whether you have appointed such a person who will also monitor your entire project.

It becomes very important that you need to see your daily freelance work at a fixed time.

For this, you can set a time of daily, weekly, or 15 days.

Because of setting up such an internal process and your freelancer team.

There is a good bond and the effectiveness of the work also increases.

Then it becomes very important when you are working on the same project at different places with many freelancers.

It is your responsibility you look at everything.

You have to see whether your work is being done in a scheduled time or not.

So it is your job to take care of it, if you do not talk to your internal team then it is yours.

And this is the best way to get the work done.

Bonuses tips:

6. Establish A Regular Meeting To Keep The Project On Track:

When you start checking your work weekly and in 15 days, then it is considered helpful for you.

But apart from this, you should keep doing meetings and calls from time to time, where the project is reaching.

Many such teams have found that when we have a standing meeting.

It is the best way to get things done before the deadline.

You should do the checking through these formal and email.

But apart from this, you can also resort to video calls or face-to-face meetings for this type of standing meeting.

You should inform your internal team in advance of such meetings and email.

So that all your freelancers are already aware of this thing.

Because of this, those freelancers have a chance that if there is any work left, then they can improve it in the right way.

Apart from this, if they are facing a problem in some work, then they can ask you anything about it.

When your standing meeting is going on.

You should review how your work is going and how much is left and in how many days it will be over.

Apart from this, if you find a lack in any work, then you should say it in such a way that you have to complete it by the next meeting.

Due to standing meetings, you do take a little more time, but it is very important to manage the outsourced team.

7. Before Going Live, Have A Quality Assurance Mechanism In Place:

The responsibility of seeing whether your work is completed or not is up to you.

Apart from this, to see that whatever the work has been done, it is of what standard.

If it is fit to be taken live then it is fine but if there is any possibility that it can be changed then it is very important for you to see that too.

It is true that anyone can make a mistake.

Keeping in mind, we should examine our work once more thoroughly.

For this, you should also make the quality assurance process the last.

Due to this, you can check your work properly.

In this process also there should be many such people who check your work.

Because the more eyes that work would pass through.

The more they knew that they would be caught by mistake.

You have to maintain this process always, and you have to apply and see it in every project.

Due to this process, you also come to know that you have forgotten one or two steps in between.

You can also easily apply them in your process.

It may take some time to do this thing, but you can fix it by identifying the problem that is going to come due to this.


Today we have learned in this article what is an Enterprise SEO freelancer.

It is a hard and challenging process, but if it is done in the right way.

Then the rewards it gets after that are also very high.

Working with a freelancer is one of the best ways to bring those experts into your work.

Those who already have a lot of expertise in that work.

Due to this, it becomes successful very easily.

Because they know where there are gaps in your project which can be filled.

If you keep the right system and process.

So you motivate your freelancer to do the right thing and move towards building a good long-lasting relationship.

Due to which you and your business are sure to benefit.

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If it is not so, then both its income and business can be broken.

What does an SEO freelancer do?

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If you hire the right freelancer, then your website is bound to rank on your main keywords.
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How much a SEO can earn in freelancing?

Freelance SEO Salary:

                                                                 Monthly                                             Yearly
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 3 quarters or 75%-                                $6,500                                              $78,000
 Average or 50%-                                    $4,937                                              $59,249
 Quarter or 25%-                                     $2,625                                               $31,500

How can I get freelance SEO projects?

You can get your SEO project going by:
-You have to create your account on every excellence website and do bidding there.
-Apart from this, you should also take support of Google Ad and PPC.
-You should build your strong online presence in search engines.
-You should send your email to any job portal on which you get SEO jobs.

How much should an SEO freelancer charge?

It is hourly-based work and any SEO freelancer charges $50-100 per hour.

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